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Canada announces new Immigration Pathway 1

Canada To Launch A New Pathway To Offer Employment Opportunities For Refugee Workers

According to a recent announcement by Sean Fraser, Minister of IRCC, Canada will launch a new immigration pathway to help Canadian employers connect with skilled refugees and relocated individuals. The new pathway will be provided in the Federal Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP), offering employment opportunities for refugee workers.

Sean Fraser announced this recently while giving a speech in Toronto. Moreover, the IRCC website has confirmed the new pathway under the EMPP will launch this year in the summer.

For those who don’t know, the EMPP is for employers to recruit skilled refugees and other relocated people.

The EMPP allows skilled individuals to connect with Canadian employers looking for talented and capable people to deal with labour shortages in major occupations.

The newly introduced pathway is expected to help employers look for skilled people for in-demand jobs, including personal support workers, truck and delivery service drivers, software engineers, mechanical and electrical engineers and technicians, tourism and hospitality workers, nurse aids, long-term care aids, web designers, and teachers.

What’s interesting here is that Canada hopes to expand the EMPP to grant entry to 2,000 qualified refugees and displaced individuals in the coming years to tackle the issue of labour shortages.

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