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High Paying Jobs in Demand in Canada for New Migrants in Canada 2023

Survey Reveals that Canadian Immigrants are Successful at Finding Jobs

Today’s blog is going to be about the successful job landing rates of immigrants in Canada.

A survey by the national statistical agency found that immigrants are fulfilling labour shortages in Canada by successfully finding jobs.

Statistics Canada’s Labour Force Survey data of 2022 showed that the employment rate of immigrants who came to Canada in the last five years was 70.7 percent, which is higher than in October 2019, before the pandemic.

Over 62 percent of immigrants who are aged 15 and above are employed, the data found. The census data on immigration in 2021 shows that 23 percent of the total population of Canada comprises immigrants.

Between 2016 and 2021, 80 percent of the labour force growth of Canada was because of immigrants.

The rate of full-time employment increased by 3 percent over 2021, due to occupancy of at least 119,000 full-time positions. Jobs increased mostly in the working age group of 25-54 years for both genders.

According to the survey, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Manitoba, and Quebec were the regions where most of the new employment happened.

British Columbia and Ontario are the provinces where most Indians live, followed by expanding communities in Quebec and Alberta where the majority are foreign-born.

While disclosing the Immigration Level Plan for 2023-25 recently, Canada has announced that it plans to receive 500,000 new permanent residents.

For better opportunities and a better life, Indians migrate to Canada in huge numbers.

Almost 100,000 Indians became Canadian permanent residents in 2021 as the country received 405,000 new immigrants.

Statistics Canada predicts that the population of immigrants in Canada will mount up to 34 percent by 2041 because of the increasing targets of the Immigration Levels Plan of Canada.

Canadian employers are looking to fill almost one million jobs with a drop in the job vacancy rate from 6 percent in April to 5.4 percent.

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I want to go in canada because i need univesity


I have always love the place Canada, I would love to go to Canada for schooling and have a nice job.


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