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Significance Of The Proof Of Canadian Citizenship Application

According to the law, biological and legal Canadian parents can transfer citizenship to their children born in another country. However, this is only applicable if the parents were Canadian citizens when the child was born.

The Canadian government demands the submission of a Proof of Canadian Citizenship application from those who want to figure out if they are Canadian citizens. Plus, this application helps in getting a Canadian citizenship certificate.

Individuals who can obtain Canadian citizenship certificates include;

  • People born in Canada
  • People born in another country to a Canadian parent
  • People born to a permanent resident who has become a Canadian citizen

You can become a Canadian citizen by birth or through a process known as naturalization. Citizenship is what determines your legal status in a country.

People who migrate and settle in Canada can apply for Canadian citizenship through naturalization by fulfilling the eligibility criteria. Obtaining Canadian citizenship is often the final step for many immigrants, allowing them to complete their immigration process successfully.

Canadians mostly transfer their citizenship status to their children with another country’s nationality to help them build a better and more stable life in Canada. Many people do it for a Canadian passport that lets holders travel to more than 100 countries without any visa. At last, Canadian citizenship gives people access to multiple services and benefits, such as a pension, the ability to seek employment, and the right to vote.

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