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Hello writers! We welcome you to the Visaandimmigrations.com guest posting page. We are thrilled by your interest in contributing to our community. But first, you must review these guidelines before submitting your article to make sure that your content matches our standards.

Writing Criteria:

  1. Relevance: Your article must fall under the niches such as visa, immigration, travel, or a topic that would be relevant to our audience. 
  2. Originality: Only original content will be accepted, and the articles must not be published anywhere else, including personal blogs or other websites. 
  3. Length: Your article must be of 800 – 1500 words. We will consider longer articles only if they’re relevant and are high-quality.
  4. Formatting: To make your article reader-friendly, you should use headings, sub-headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs. 
  5. Quality: Your article must be based on facts, well-researched, and free from spelling or grammatical errors. 
  6. Images Add highquality images that are related to your content. Make sure you have image rights or they are from royalty-free platforms. 

Basic SEO Requirements:

  1. Keyword Research: Take a primary keyword for your article and add it to the title, first paragraph, and throughout the content. 
  2. Meta Description: Write a 150160-character Meta description that summarizes the content of your article. 
  3. Internal Linking: Add about 12 internal links to pages on Visaandimmigrations.com or other articles 
  4. External Linking: 12 authoritative external links can be added to support your content. Ensure you are not linking to direct competitors. 
  5. Image Alt Text: For SEO purposes, all images must have relevant alt text. 
  6. Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Ensure your content is easy to read. Avoid overusing the keywords that can negatively impact the SEO and readability. 

Submission Process:

  1. Send your article in a Word or Google Doc file to [email protected]  or fill form below.
  2. Our editorial team will review the submitted article and may request edits regarding clarity, SEO, or style.
  3. Once the article is approved, it’ll be scheduled for publication, and you will be notified about the date.

Note: We have the right to reject any article that doesn’t meet our guidelines or editorial standards. 

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