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Why Canada is the Top Choice for International Students

Reasons For Canada’s Popularity Among International Students

Fewer expenses, employment opportunities, a high standard of education, and prospects of post-graduation immigration are some of the reasons for Canadas’s popularity among international students.

The latest reports from IDP, a global education agency for college or university placements for international students, confirmed that Canada is the favourite country for international students around the world.

High-Quality Education

It is safe to say that the excellent quality of education offered in Canada significantly contributes to its popularity among international students. Plus, Canada has several globally renowned colleges and universities offering a diverse range of programs with equally impressive faculties. Therefore, Canadian schools have always been recognized internationally, ultimately attracting overseas students.

Cost of Education

The favourable exchange rate of Canada offers better conversions against the international currency, allowing overseas students to study a post-secondary qualification in Canada at cheaper rates than in countries like the UK or the US, where the level of education is similar. On average, an undergraduate degree in Canada costs between $20,000 and $40,000, depending on the program of study, institution, and province. Furthermore, Canada eases the financial stress on international students by offering them several financial aid programs.

Employment Opportunities

Getting better employment opportunities for international students is another reason behind Canada’s popularity worldwide. International students in Canada can obtain a Post-Graduate Work Permit or PGWP after finishing their studies. A Post-Graduate Work Permit holder can live in Canada and seek full-time employment after graduation. Moreover, Canada has an average employment rate of 73% among international graduates, which is quite high. Just last year, 132,650 international students became full-time workers under the PGWP program. Needless to say, this points toward promising and consistent growth in the number of PGWP holders joining Canada’s workforce every year.

In addition to this, international students with a valid study permit are now allowed to work for unlimited hours during their studies until 2023 ends. The newly amended policy enables students to manage their expenses, giving them more freedom to work compared to other countries. Plus, it allows students to gain footholds in Canada’s labour market during their studies.

Prospects of Canadian Immigration Post-Graduation

Canada is one of the few countries offering options for permanent immigration to international students. Furthermore, pursuing higher studies at a Canadian institute improves your chances of being eligible for immigration.

The transition from student to immigrant means acquiring a PGWP and the minimum full-time work experience of one year required to become eligible. Afterward, international students are free to go for permanent residence with the help of immigration programs offered by Canada. Canada has also added a specific stream within its Express Entry system for such students called the Canadian Experience Class or CEC.

Almost 53,725 PGWP holders became permanent residents last year, meaning international students can easily transition from work permit holders to permanent residents in Canada.

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