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Australia To Introduce A Point Based Immigration System

Australia To Introduce A Point-Based Immigration System

Australia has recently been trying to revamp the country’s immigration system to attract international skilled workers and offer them a pathway to permanent residency. The plan is to start the trend of attracting talented people to Australia in the same way as other countries, like Canada, by launching a point-based immigration system.



The Australian government wants to introduce new migration policies to sweeten the deal for skilled migrants, motivating them to become a part of the local labour market. The authorities plan to revive its point-based migration system to compete in the highly competitive global talent market successfully.

Australia has its own point-based migration system. However, each occupation across various states and territories follows restricted quotes. Plus, the processing time is too long, with expensive applications and a notably weak model for attracting educated young migrants to the country.

Canada has an innovative points test with simplified eligibility criteria, beneficial visa conditions, fast processing, a streamlined application system, and sensible marketing. Canada doesn’t follow a state-based mechanism since its constitution is designed to allow the federal and provincial governments to play vital roles in migration.

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How Will Australia Reviews Its Point-Based Migration System?

The Australian government will be relying on state and territory expertise supported by improved data collection and sharing among governments. This approach is expected to help the country move from the state and territory-based migration and complex visa conditions of the existing point-based programs.



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