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Universities crack down on Indian students as fraudulent visa applications surge

Australian Universities Crackdown On Fraudulent Student Visa Applications

Indian students in Australia are in trouble since Australian universities appear to be taking strict action against fraudulent visa applications. All of this is happening at a time when authorities are concerned that Australia’s immigration system is compromised.


That’s right; Australian universities are taking drastic measures against students belonging to certain Indian states during a rise in fraudulent visa applications.



Moreover, the Australian government and higher education sector are concerned about the integrity of the immigration system of Australia. It seems migrants are trying to trick the student visa system into obtaining work rights.

Interestingly, Home Affairs refused 94% of student visa applications from India in February to study in the vocational sector of Australia. On the other hand, the department rejected less than 1% of student applications from countries like the UK, the US, and France.

Authorities believe education agencies responsible for recruiting international students in exchange for commission are indulging in unethical behaviour to attract additional applicants.

Don’t forget Canada’s border security agency deported over 150 Indian students in March because they entered the country using forged college admission letters.

However, those students claimed they were victims of a scam by an immigration consultation agency in India.

It should be noted that a federal parliamentary inquiry into international education will be commencing soon.

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