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April 25, 2023

Australian Universities Bans International Students Following A Rise In Visa Fraud

Following a rise in student visa fraud, 5 Australian universities have banned Indian students from applying.



That’s right; Indian students belonging to specific Indian states will no longer be able to apply to 5 Australian universities that have imposed a ban on them because of a rise in fraudulent applications. Allegedly, such individuals are interested in finding work instead of studying in Australia. Regardless, Australia is expected to grant entry to a massive number of Indian students, which will break the previous record of 75,000 students in 2019.



The recent surge in fraudulent student visa applications from South Asia to seek employment instead of pursuing a degree in Australia has alarmed the country’s education sector and lawmakers. Moreover, a recent report in the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper claimed that authorities are concerned about the integrity of the immigration system in Australia. The report also discussed the long-term effects of immoral practices on Australia’s highly rewarding international education market.

Furthermore, a member of the global education firm Navitas stated that the intake of international students crossed everyone’s expectations.

Don’t forget many universities have regarded some applications as genuine temporary entrants since they fail to meet Australian visa requirements. Such applicants will be visiting Australia only for education.

Interestingly, the University of Wollongong raised the strict conditions on its genuine temporary entrant test for international students from countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mongolia, Lebanon, Nigeria, and more. All of these countries have been flagged by the Australian Department of Home Affairs.

In addition to this, a spokesperson for Adelaide’s Torrens University confirmed that they are also analyzing the place of origin of all the applications. This is the same university that told the Times Higher Education in March that it was selecting only applications with significant potential from Haryana, Punjab, and Gujarat.

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