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Options after Australian visa rejection.

Do This If Your Australian Citizenship Application Is Rejected

An applicant whose Australian citizenship application gets declined can challenge the decision by taking specific steps, depending on the reason why their application was refused.




Plus, it depends on the procedures and policies of the Department of Home Affairs. Let’s take a look at the steps you can take if your citizenship application is refused.



You May Request A Review: Your first step when your Australian citizenship application is refused should be to make an official request to review the decision in writing. Make sure to explain why you think the decision concerning your application was incorrect. Different types of reviews you can choose from include a judicial review or a merits review. You may select either one based on the reason behind the refusal of your application.

Provide Complete Details: You can opt for this when the decision to refuse your application is made because of incorrect or incomplete information. In that case, you can provide complete details to support your application.

You May Seek Legal Advice: Sometimes, applicants think their citizenship application was wrongfully declined or their rights were violated. Therefore, such applicants can seek legal advice from a professional and experienced lawyer. A solicitor would help applicants understand their options going further, along with their legal rights.

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