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The Impact Of Budget 2023 On Canadian Immigration

Canada comes up with a new budget every year to fix the spending in the upcoming fiscal year. What’s important to note here is this significantly influences every aspect of a Canadian’s life, including newcomers.

For those of you who are clueless, the budget reflects the priorities of the existing government and determines plans for spending. Plus, it provides an outlook on Canada’s fiscal and economic health measures. Don’t forget these are highly crucial factors in Canadian immigration.

Immigration Updates In The Latest Budget

Interestingly, Canada’s budgets mostly support or signal upcoming legislative changes. For instance, the 2022 budget supported the expansion of the Express Entry System by giving more authority to the Minister of Immigration to utilize Ministerial Instructions to choose candidates suited to fulfill the labour market needs of the country. While there is no fixed date, these changes are expected to become effective in Q2 this year.

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