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UK Government Plans To Double NHS Fee For Migrant Workers IHS Fee for UK Visa

Government Plans To Double NHS Fee For Migrant Workers

Looking into an article in the Sunday Times, certain changes to the fees migrant workers pay to access the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK are expected to be implemented.



Let’s see what the article stated;



The annual fees for NHS treatment for migrant workers may be doubled to £1,200. This amendment is one of the government’s plans to deal with the rising pressure on the health service. Moreover, ministers in the Department for Health and Home Office are looking at different options to massively increase the immigration health surcharge. It is currently priced at £624 per annum. These plans are expected to be provided to the Treasury in the upcoming weeks. Needless to say, they are aimed at raising hundreds of millions of pounds of additional revenue for the NHS. Furthermore, the capacity and finances of the NHS are under a lot of strain.

The government is also thinking if it should further increase the surcharge for older migrants since they have to use the health service often when compared with younger workers or international students.

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