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UK Home Office Important Updated on Skilled Workers Sponsorship New Rules UKVI

Opportunity For A Skilled Worker In The UK To Work Remotely

As a sponsored Skilled Worker, you may wonder if you can start working from home in the UK. Meanwhile, your employer, who has a sponsor license, may be thinking of transitioning to a hybrid work environment from physical workspaces.



Again, this is only for people currently employed in the UK or has a job offer from an employer with an approved sponsor license from the Home Office.



Click here to view the register of licensed sponsors.

Moving on, your job should be an eligible skilled job, for which you can see the list by clicking here. Don’t forget these job roles have specific salary and skill requirements.

Can A Skilled Worker Work Remotely?

While individuals are allowed to work remotely, the Home Office’s guidance on this matter is not clear.

In case you are wondering about the difference, remote working is when an employee is not supposed to report to a fixed workplace and is allowed to work from home full-time. On the other hand, hybrid working means the worker can work remotely from their home or another address while attending a client site or the company offices or branches regularly.

When it comes to remote workers, the authorities may probe why an employee is needed in the UK if they easily fulfill their duties from another location. Therefore, employers are urged to come up with a genuine reason if the legitimacy of a job role is ever questioned.

If This Will Add Extra Work To Your Currently Sponsored Role?

Skilled Worker visa holders are allowed to do additional work on top of the role for which they were originally sponsored. Now, their additional work can be done remotely in a specific situation.

For instance, you can work up to 20 hours a week in a role that falls under the same occupation code while being at the same level as the job for which you are sponsored. The same goes for shortage occupations, including education and healthcare shortage occupations, among others.

In contrast, you will have to get your visa updated if you want to work more than 20 hours a week in a job that falls under a different occupation code. As a result, you can get sponsored to execute both jobs. However, this requires you to secure a new sponsorship certificate from your second employer and submit a letter with your new application explaining your request to alter your existing permission to remain in the UK.

Are There Any Adverse Outcomes If You Fail To Comply With Sponsor License Duties?

If you fail to comply, the Home Office has full authority to take any action they find adequate. They can cancel your permission to stay, downgrade the license, reduce allocations of sponsorship certificates, or even revoke the license entirely.



Keep in mind the Home Office reports to the relevant authorities if it suspects an offence has been committed.

We hope you found this information helpful. Follow our blogs for the latest updates and informative content on UK immigration.

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