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Australias New Rules for International Students

Australia’s New Rules for International Students

In today’s blog update we’ll be talking about the new international student visa reforms that will allow student visa applicants to use this pathway as means for migration to Australia.


Australia’s New Student Visa Reforms


In a major move by the Albanese government, future international students coming to Australia will soon have the opportunity to state their migration plans in their Australia Student visa applications. This is a withdrawal from the present Home Affairs guidelines which mandate that international student applicants follow the Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) obligation. This obligation make sure that the student’s primary aim is to pursue quality tertiary education in Australia.


In the past, any declaration of a plan to gain residency in Australia via the student visa program would lead to a direct rejection. On the other hand, with the new changes, the GTE condition is set to be substituted by the Genuine Student Test (GST). This change will process high-skilled applicants who can add to Australia’s workforce after finishing their studies, tackling Australia’s labour shortage.



This improvement is in line with the findings of the Migration Review’s final report, which highlighted the need to tap into the potential of high-performing international students. On the other hand, there are concerns about the likelihood of an increase in fraudulent visa applications and the influence on the housing market because of a surge in net migration.


It is clear that these improvements aim to balance Australia’s workforce requirements while maintaining the truthfulness of the visa process.


Our blog ends here. If you found this blog update useful then please comment below and share your opinion with us. See you in our next update.

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