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UK's New Migrant Deal UK Immigration News October 2023

 New Migrant Deal: Bridging Borders

There is a new migration deal between the UK and EU to address migration issues. Learn more about this deal through this blog.

To support intelligence sharing and operational co-operation over immigration issues, the UK and the EU are planning to finalize a deal. This move aims to address the rising concerns due to immigration crime and illegal migration and will be a major collaborative step towards handling migrant movements.


Enhancing Intelligence Sharing

The main goal of this deal is to enhance intelligence sharing among the border agencies between the UK and EU. This would allow UK agencies to keep an eye on the shared frontier and the entirety of the EU’s external borders.

This strategic collaboration is anticipated to become a mechanism to gain an in-depth understanding of smuggler routes through Turkey and the western Balkans. Plus, it would effectively disrupt organized immigration crime as well.

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A Bilateral Approach

In collaboration with this deal, the UK is forming bilateral agreements with:

  • Belgium
  • Bulgaria
  • Serbia

Such bilateral pacts focus on suing and disrupting criminal networks associated with secret entry into Britain.

Addressing the Small Boats Issue

A major concern has been posed by small boats carrying migrants across the English Channel. So far this year, more than 25,000 people have been detected crossing. Even though the Frontex agreement has not been as effective, it’s an important part of a more comprehensive, incremental approach to cater to this issue.

The Road Ahead

There will be discussions between UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and European leaders at the forthcoming bilateral summit in Granada. They will be exploring collaborative initiatives targeting legal migration and organized crime. The deal will showcase a positive trajectory in UK-EU relations, with a shared goal of addressing the migration crisis.

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