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Major Changes in UK Immigration What International Students Need to Know

Major Changes in UK Immigration: What International Students Need to Know

In today’s blog update we’ll be talking about the new proposed measures to scrap UK Post Study Work Visa.


In today’s update, we’re diving deep into significant changes proposed by former immigration minister and potential Conservative leadership contender, Robert Jenrick, which could reshape the landscape for international students and workers aiming for the UK.

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Proposed Immigration Reforms and Their Implications

Robert Jenrick has put forward a series of measures intended to drastically cut net migration. Here are the key changes you need to be aware of:

Cap on Health and Care Visas

The proposal includes capping Health and Care visas to 30,000 annually. This measure aims to tighten the inflow of professionals in these sectors, which could impact the availability of positions for incoming international healthcare workers.

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Scrapping the Graduate Route Visa

Perhaps the most alarming for international students, Jenrick proposes eliminating the Graduate Route Visa. This visa currently allows graduates to stay in the UK for two years post-study to seek employment. Removing this could diminish the UK’s appeal as an education destination, as it restricts graduates’ ability to transition into work roles within the country.


Increasing Salary Thresholds

In response to rising inflation, there’s a proposal to index the salary thresholds for visa routes. This means the minimum salary requirements for skilled worker visas would increase, aligning with the inflation rates to reflect the economic conditions more accurately.

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Impact on Current and Future Students

These proposed changes could significantly alter the prospects for current and future international students:

Reduced Post-Study Work Opportunities: With the potential removal of the Graduate Route Visa, students might have to leave the UK soon after completing their studies unless they secure a job that meets the new, likely higher, salary requirements.

Increased Financial Burden: Higher salary thresholds may make it more challenging for graduates to find qualifying jobs, adding pressure to an already competitive job market.


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What Does This Mean for You?

If you’re currently studying in the UK or planning to apply, these changes could affect your future opportunities and plans. It’s crucial to stay informed and possibly reconsider your long-term goals in relation to the evolving UK immigration policies.

Stay Engaged and Informed

We’ll keep you updated on these developments as they unfold. Your voice is essential, so share your thoughts and concerns in the comments below. Let’s discuss how these proposed changes could impact our community and ways to navigate them.


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