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Latest Update On UK Graduate Visa 14th May 2024 UK Post Study Work Permit Update

Graduate Visa Route Should Remain, report finds, after home secretary raised immigration concerns

In today’s blog update, we’ll be talking about a Pillar of UK Higher Education and Economy which is the Graduate Visa Route.


The UK’s Graduate Visa Route has recently been under the microscope following concerns over its potential misuse. However, a reassuring report commissioned by James Cleverly, the Home Secretary, confirms its integral role in supporting British higher education without compromising the quality or integrity of the system.

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A Thorough Examination

Prompted by claims from former Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick about the visa being exploited for low-wage jobs, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) undertook a detailed review. Contrary to fears, their findings revealed no widespread abuse of the system. The graduate visa allows overseas students to remain in the UK for up to three years post-graduation, with dependents also eligible to apply.


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Vital for University Funding

The report disclosed that in 2023 alone, 114,000 graduate visas were issued, along with 30,000 for dependents, highlighting its popularity. It plays a crucial role in allowing universities to offer a broader range of courses and compensates for financial deficits from domestic student tuition and research funding. International students, mainly from India, Nigeria, China, and Pakistan, significantly help to sustain the financial health of UK universities.

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Supporting Strategic Goals

Professor Brian Bell, MAC chair, emphasized that the graduate route aligns with the government’s international educational strategy, aiding in the recruitment of global talents to the UK’s world-class universities. The route helps maintain a robust educational framework essential for attracting top international students, whose tuition fees are vital for the financial stability of these institutions.

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Policy Implications and Future Steps

Despite the positive findings, criticisms persist from some quarters, calling for a re-evaluation of the dependency on international students. The British Chambers of Commerce and MAC suggest further measures like establishing a mandatory registration for international recruitment agents and requiring universities to disclose recruitment data.


This route not only supports the educational sector but also plays a pivotal role in filling the UK’s skill gaps. As the government considers these findings, the continuation of the graduate visa route could be a key factor in balancing educational excellence with immigration control.


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