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Britain's Talent Crisis Migration Advisor Proposes Radical Visa Changes UK Immigration News 2023

Revisiting UK Visa Rules for Shortage Occupations

Are you planning to shift to the UK? Then, it is important that you stay tuned for every update. There have been some changes to the UK visa rules, which you can learn in this blog.



The UK’s independent migration advisor, the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), has recently proposed a significant change to the UK visa rules. The recommendation is to abolish one of the primary pathways for businesses to hire migrant workers in sectors facing severe staff shortages.

One of the main routes for businesses to hire migrant workers in sectors with significant staff shortages is being proposed to be abolished by the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), which is the UK’s independent migration advisor.

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Key Insights:

Shortage Occupation List (SOL) Review:

The MAC was ordered to review the SOL. Even when the business groups demanded the expansion of occupations on the list to the government, especially post-Brexit, the concern was expressed by the committee regarding the potential exploitation of low-wage workers.

Implications for Employers:

At the moment, employers can hire migrant workers, such as bricklayers and care workers, in roles on SOL on 80% of the job’s standard “going rate.” They can bypass the general minimum salary threshold for a skilled worker visa as the requirement permits. It stands at 26,200 pounds.

A Shift in Focus:

According to MAC, rather than completely relying on the SOL, a better approach would be to test the individual sectors or occupations facing critical labour market challenges. Evaluating the role of immigration policy and focusing on changes in wages, training, and technological investments will be involved.

The suggested changes to the UK visa rule indicate the requirement of a balanced approach that can highlight labour market demands and the risks involved with low-wage migrant workers. The debate on SOL continues, and its implication will be shaping the future of the UK’s immigration.

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