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Canada announces new restrictions on permanent resident visas and foreign workers

Canada announces new restrictions on permanent resident visas and foreign workers

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about Canada imposing New Restrictions on Permanent Resident Visas and Foreign Workers. We highly recommend you to read the full blog so you don’t miss any updates.


In a bid to streamline the immigration process and manage backlogs, the Canadian government has announced new restrictions on permanent resident visas and foreign workers. These changes, particularly affecting the Start-up Visa Program and self-employed workers, were officially launched at the end of April 2024.

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Annual Processing Limit for Permanent Residence Applications

The Canadian government has implemented a maximum annual processing limit for permanent residence applications within the Start-up Program. The new regulation caps the number of applications processed annually to 10 startups per organization. This move aims to facilitate the processing of backlogged applications and speed up the overall process.


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Impact on Entrepreneurs and Startups

The new restrictions may hinder the aspirations of potential applicants for permanent residence visas in Canada, especially those in the startup and self-employed sectors. Despite this, the program has historically helped many entrepreneurs establish themselves in Canada since its inception in 2013. The priority will now be given to startups backed by Canadian capital or those affiliated with select members of the Canadian Technology Network.

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Temporary Suspension of Self-Employed Workers Program

In addition to the new caps on the Start-up Visa Program, the Canadian Immigration Department has temporarily suspended the acceptance of new applications for the Self-Employed Workers Program as of April 30, 2024. This suspension is aimed at addressing the large backlog of applications currently pending.


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High Cost of Living and Education in Canada

The announcement comes against a backdrop of high living costs in major Canadian cities like Toronto and Vancouver. The cost of education for international students is also significantly higher compared to local students. In 2021, the average tuition fees for international students were approximately $32,019, compared to $6,610 for local students, as reported by Statistics Canada.


Financial Requirements for International Students

The Canadian Immigration and Citizenship Department mandates that international students in Canada obtain student visas and provide proof of sufficient funds to cover their expenses for the first year of study. This requirement underscores the financial commitment needed to study in Canada.


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The new restrictions on permanent resident visas and the prioritization of start-ups backed by Canadian capital reflect Canada’s ongoing efforts to manage its immigration system more effectively. While these changes may pose challenges for some, they are designed to streamline the process and support local business initiatives.

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