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National Living Wage to Rise to £11 an Hour

Are you currently working in the UK? Well, there’s good news for you. Learn more about it in this blog.

In a remarkable move, the UK will be increasing the national living wage. By April, the minimum hourly wage will increase to £11. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed it at the Conservative Party conference, highlighting its ability to encourage two million of the lowest earners in the country.

Benefits and Sanctions

With the raise in wages, Hunt will also emphasize the requirement for stringent sanctions for people on benefits who aren’t looking for employment opportunities. This initiative was brought out at a time when the government is facing great pressure from certain Tory factions advocating for tax cuts.

The Bigger Picture

At the moment, the minimum wage for workers aged 23 and above is £10.42 an hour. It will go under annual revisions by the government’s consultations with the independent Low Pay Commission. These steps showcase the commitment to the government’s goal to enhance the national living wage to two-thirds of the median hourly pay by next October.

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