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Good News New Short Term Visa Announced UK Visa Update 2023 min

UK Considers New Short-Term Visa For Eu Workers To Help Hospitality Sector

The UK is a dream country for many, but getting a visa is not that easy. Let’s discuss some issues and some considerations for solving them through this blog.

The scheme under consideration would let individuals aged 18-30 coming from European countries work in the UK for 2 years with no employer sponsorship.



Challenges Faced By Hospitality Industry

The UK has been facing many setbacks because of non-settled workers leaving the country due to Brexit and the pandemic. To support the hospitality industry, there have been some strong calls for the Home Office to address the lack of workers.

The major challenge being faced by the industry when hiring staff from overseas is that many jobs within the sector don’t qualify for sponsorship. There are a few jobs that are not present on the list of skilled occupations eligible for Skilled Worker visas, including jobs for waiting or bar staff.

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Challenges In Getting Skilled Worker Visas

Getting a Skilled Worker visa is still challenging for the job roles that are present on the list of sufficiently skilled occupations.

Some of the challenges are:

  • Higher refusal rates on hospitality sector applications
  • Applications are scrutinised harshly
  • Costly visa application fees for employers
  • Difficulty meeting minimum salary requirements

The UK National Minimum Wage for 23-year-olds or older is only £10.42, while the pay of a Skilled Worker must be at least £10.75 per hour.

Sponsorship for the hospitality industry is possible. To ideally cater for the growing immigration need in the sector, the Home Office must recognize the sector’s different requirements. This is why the new scheme would be beneficial to consider.

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