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UK Spouse Visa Savings Guide

UK Spouse Visa Savings 2024 Guide

In today’s blog update, we’ll be telling you, How to calculate the cash savings required for a UK Spouse visa.


Are you gearing up to apply for a UK Spouse Visa? Understanding and meeting the financial requirements is crucial for a successful application. Today, we’ll walk you through calculating the necessary cash savings to secure your visa without stress.

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Cash Savings Requirements for UK Spouse Visa

For a UK Spouse Visa, demonstrating adequate financial resources is a key requirement. This ensures that you and your partner can support yourselves without needing public funds. As of April 11, 2024, the financial threshold has seen a significant change.

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Key Financial Thresholds Required for UK Spouse Visa:

  • Before April 11, 2024: The required income was set at £18,600, which jumps to £62,500 if relying solely on cash savings.
  • After April 11, 2024: Applicants must demonstrate £29,000, increasing to £88,500 in cash savings. Importantly, additional income for children included in the application is no longer required.


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Transitional Provisions for Current UK Spouse Visa Applicants

If you’ve submitted your application before the recent changes on April 11, 2024, you may be eligible for transitional provisions if:

  • You have permission as a partner on the five-year route to settlement, or as a fiancé or proposed civil partner at the application date.
  • Your initial application was submitted before April 11, 2024, and permission was granted accordingly.
  • You are applying to remain with the same partner.


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Plan and Prepare

Meeting the financial requirement through cash savings demands meticulous planning and documentation. Always refer to the latest guidelines from the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) services and consider consulting with an immigration expert to ensure your application is robust.

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