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Justin Trudeau finally ‘admitted’ the immigration problem in Canada ~ CIC News April 2024

Justin Trudeau worried about Immigration!

In today’s blog update, we’ll talk about Justin Trudeau’s statement which states that immigration into Canada is far too high.


In Justice Trudeau’s view, there is too much temporary migration in Canada that creates more pressure on citizens than is desirable.

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“Canadian Prime Minister highlighted: “This has been the case in the last few years as the immigrants from foreign countries have been increasing in numbers. The temporary workers brought from abroad and the foreign students who are growing faster than Canada can absorb are some of the examples.”

Trudeau, while speaking about the commencement of the construction of the housing units, said, He declared his support for immigration in general, saying nevertheless that an increase in the number of temporary workers was making the issue worse, and that measures should be taken to regulate it.

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“In 2017, the statistic showed that temporary immigrants made up 2% of the total population of Canada,” he added. “… and right now we have 7.5% of our population that is affected by this and we need to do something about it. ”


The comments have been repeatedly thrown around during the wave of negative polls for Trudeau, who is now behind Pierre Poilievre (Conservative Party Leader) by 14 percentage points in popularity.

Poilievre is repeatedly in support of immigration control, and he believes that “after eight years of Trudeau, our immigration system is a mess”, as the PM made it easy for people to enter Canada and he doesn’t know how many homes there are to shelter the people and how many jobs there are to employ them.

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Trudeau’s immigration U-turn may come as a surprise to many. Until recently, the Canadian PM has been a vocal proponent of immigration and at one point even accused a woman of racism after she asked pointed questions about his policies in 2018.


Since he took power in 2015 Canada has brought in record numbers of immigrants, welcoming about 2.5 million new permanent residents.

The country also saw a massive surge in international students in recent years, which many Canadians blame for rising housing costs and increased pressure on the public healthcare system.


On the other hand, the openness of Canadians to immigration has been replaced by the scepticism of immigrants, since the surveys now show that more than three quarters think that the growing immigration is the main contributor to the expensive housing and overburdened healthcare systems, while 67% prefer a lower immigration level annually.

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According to him “the number of businesses using temporary foreign workers is growing and it is rate of this growth that is making the wages go down.” He added that “in some sectors” the number of such foreign workers is too high and should be decreased.


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