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Good News  Canada Speed Up Process   Reduction in Immigration Backlogs IRCC Latest Updates 2023

Good News! Canada Speed Up Process & Reduction in Immigration Backlogs

Expect the Backlogs To Be Cleared Soon – Says IRCC

Welcome back! In today’s blog, we bring good news for all the applicants waiting to hear from IRCC.

But before we begin, mention in the comments how long your application has been in the pool.

Because IRRC, while acknowledging the backlog, said that it is taking steps to improve the application process by speeding it up.

It is aiming for a less than 50% backlog across all lines of business by the end of March 2023.

IRCC began the transition to 100% digital applications for most permanent resident programs on September 23 to clear the backlog on schedule. They made accommodations for those who are not able to apply online.

This transition includes 100% online citizenship applications from all applicants over the age of 18. IRCC is aiming to make the process digital for all citizenship applications by the end of this year including those for minors under 18.

For this reason, the department has also hired 1,250 new staff members at the end of autumn to enhance the processing capacity by investing $85 million. IRCC says that it is all set to modernize and streamline the system.

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