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Major UK Migration Changes and Reforms by the James Cleverly ~ UK Politics May 2024

Major Migration Reforms by the UK Home Secretary

The UK’s Home Secretary has implemented decisive actions leading to a significant reduction in migration, particularly affecting student dependant visas.


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Key Changes and Impact

In the first quarter of 2024, the UK saw a near 80% drop in student dependant visa applications compared to the previous year. This follows new regulations that restrict international students from bringing family members unless they complete their course. These measures aim to address the misuse of the education system as a backdoor for migration and ensure the integrity of UK institutions.

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Additional Measures and Future Plans

The Home Secretary, James Cleverly, emphasized that these changes are part of a broader strategy to manage migration sustainably, respecting public concerns about the strain on services and wages. The government has also tightened regulations for care worker visas and plans to revise the skilled worker and family visa policies.


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These reforms are just the beginning, with the government committed to demonstrating ongoing progress in managing migration effectively, balancing the needs of the economy with public sentiment.

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