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Check Out IRCC Service Standards For Processing Various Applications

Check Out IRCC Service Standards For Processing Various Applications

Despite the yearly improvement in the backlog since the pandemic, IRCC still has a significant backlog of 930,000 applications, according to its recent official updates. It also mentions the processing of 1,258,400 files within service standards. IRCC has been releasing monthly data regarding the applications in backlog and their processing under service standards since 2023.

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Canadian Immigration devises service standards to process visa applications according to category. When an application does not meet the service standard, it enters a backlog. However, applications that remain within the service standard process are not categorized as backlogs.

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Moreover, IRCC focuses on processing 80% of visa applications within the service standards. Still, the backlog was suddenly hiked due to the pandemic in 2020. Let’s delve into a list of IRCC service requirements for the main application categories and IRCC performance in 2022–2023.

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Category-Wise IRCC Service Standards

IRCC service standards and its fiscal year 2022-2023 performance are shown below.

Applications for Citizenship, Family Sponsorship, & PR Cards

Applications for Citizenship Family Sponsorship & PR Cards

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Economic Immigration

Economic Immigration

IRCC Client Support Centre

IRCC Client Support Centre

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What Is The Most Recent Canadian Immigration Backlog Update?

The most recent official update regarding the Canadian immigration backlog mentions 930,000 applications for citizenship, Immigration, and temporary visas that were processed outside the service standards. The number of applications under processing totals 2.3 million.

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