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Temporary Residence (TR) Visa Refusal Rate Increased Due to GST in 2024

Temporary Residence (TR) Visa Refusal Rate Increased Due to GST in 2024

Last year, over 36,000 temporary residents in Australia applied for student visas. However, the visa approval rate has dropped by 14%, raising concerns for aspiring international students. Government sources estimate that this year, up to 30,000 student visas could be rejected due to failing the genuine student test. Additionally, 41,000 applications might be denied for not meeting the increased English language proficiency requirements.

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What’s the Government Doing

To address these challenges, the government has implemented three key changes

  1. Higher English Proficiency Requirements

Applicants will now need to demonstrate a stronger command of English.

  1. Higher Bank Savings

Students will need to show a greater amount of bank savings to prove financial capacity.

  1. More Scrutiny of Applications

The government will conduct more in-depth checks on applications.

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Impact of the Changes

These changes may have a mixed impact on students and universities

Positive Impacts

– Ensures only genuine students obtain visas.

– Potentially improves the quality of Australian education.


Negative Impacts

– May make it harder for some qualified students to get visas.

– Could make it more challenging for universities to attract international students.


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Is This a Good Move?

It’s too early to say if these changes will be successful. The government needs to ensure they deter non-genuine students without impacting legitimate ones.

Advice for Students

Students are advised to stay updated on the new application requirements and ensure they have all the necessary documents and qualifications for the visa.

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It’s also important to remember that if your visa is rejected, you have the right to appeal.


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