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UK Home Secretary James Cleverly Calls For Review of Graduate Visa Programme Amid Immigration Concerns

UK Home Secretary James Cleverly Calls For Review Of Graduate Visa Programme Amid Immigration Concerns

James Cleverly, the Home Secretary of the United Kingdom, has expressed his concerns about international students intending to obtain work visas in a budget-friendly way by using university courses. In his letter to the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), he asked for an inquiry into the visa programme.

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He intends to know the possibilities of whether a uk graduate visa allows foreign graduates to work for two or three years in the UK after completion of their studies. He also wanted to know if the graduate visa was attracting highly skilled individuals to the country. Moreover, he signified that the government is committed to attracting exceptional students worldwide to continue their studies in the UK.

However, he further highlighted the essence of avoiding the graduate route’s prospective abuse by explicitly ensuring that the demand for study visas is not rising due to immigration intentions.

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According to his statement, a one-year course would cost a little to an international student while providing access to two years without needing any job on the graduate route, which follows further four-year access to a discounted salary threshold on the skilled worker route. This depicts that the UK labour market is accessible to international graduates, with crucially low salaries below the requirement imposed on most migrant skilled workers.

Meanwhile, the UK barred Nigerian and other international students from bringing dependents via study visa routes from January 1 in a bid to lower immigration.


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This attempt exempts only postgraduate research or government-sponsored scholarship students and helps the government approach reducing migrant inflow while targeting highly skilled individuals. Furthermore, this move aims to prevent international students from switching work routes before completing their courses.

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