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English Language Test for Australian 187 Visas

Expression Of Interest (EOI) For Australian Immigration

Expression of Interest (EOI) stage is when you apply for the required visa after completing all the documentation. What’s important to note here is that Australia has strict guidelines on how the EOI should be filled out and submitted. For instance, you cannot submit your EOI without completing your skills assessment.

For those who don’t know, a skills assessment is conducted according to your profession. It is like a validation of your skills and expertise according to the standards of Australia. The authorities aim to confirm that your qualification aligns with Australian standards since you completed your education at an institute in another country. Plus, you have to prove your proficiency in English even if you have previously studied it. Anyone whose profession requires good language skills may be asked to take an advanced English test.

Furthermore, your work experience should match your career. Australia is not like South Africa, where everyone is free to do anything. In Australia, you are expected to choose one career and become an expert in it. Your work experience is judged as part of your skills assessment, and points are awarded for years after your qualification.

An EOI is based on your points. Plus, it’s also dependent on factors like which state or region you plan to apply for. On 13 January 2023, there was a matrix draw in Canberra, inviting 734 residents and international applicants to submit applications for visa subclasses 190 and 491. But what’s important to know here is that the minimum points requirement for this was 70.

An individual below the age of 33 years with more than 5 years of work experience, a bachelor’s degree, and a superior level of proficiency in English can easily score 70 points. Don’t forget that if the same person had a partner with a good skill set, it would ultimately increase the scores on their application.

To sum it all up, an Expression of Interest relates to verifying your points and demonstrating interest in migrating to Australia by applying for a particular visa subclass. Your immigration journey has not yet started if you are not in the EOI phase. But don’t forget to have a legitimate skills assessment before going for it.

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