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October 25, 2022

Canada’s Immigration Backlog Makes A Slight Drop

The Immigration, Refugees and the Citizenship Canada has reported their decline in inventory for the first time on 31 August since July 2021.

According to the inventory Data provided by the IRCC spokesperson, the backlog was reduced by 95,204 individuals within six weeks.

Recently, IRCC introduced a new webpage to track the inventory. According to the webpage, upto 2.4 million were in the inventory of IRCC on 31 July. Out of which, 1.1 million were in service standards and 1.3 million were among the backlog.

The citizenship inventory stands at 371,620 applicants on September 1, as compared with 15 July, 444,792.

The permanent residence inventory stands at around 513,923 people on August 31, as compared to 514,116 on July 17.

On August 31, the temporary residence inventory stood at 1,698,284 individuals, as compared to 1,720,123 people on July 17.

Therefore, some reductions have been made among all three major groups.

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