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Canada To Discontinue Covid-19 Travel Restrictions

The Canadian government has revealed that from October 1, 2022, it will be letting go of the requirement for vaccination for all travelers and making the ArriveCan app optional.

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) has stated that from October 1, 2022, regardless of citizenship, all travellers will no longer be required to do the following:

● Provide proof of vaccination;
● Go through pre- or on-arrival testing;
● Provide public health information via the Arrive CAN app or website;
● Go through COVID-19-related quarantine or isolation;
● If they develop signs or symptoms of COVID-19 upon arriving in Canada, they must immediately report it.

Furthermore, wearing masks will no longer be compulsory on trains or flights within Canada. PHAC states that the reason behind the removal of restrictions on travel is Canada’s high vaccination rates, availability of vaccine boosters, reduced death rates and hospitalization. However, the government still firmly advises that travellers should continue wearing masks and keep monitoring their health.

Health Minister Jean-Yves Duclos stated that these changes were made possible thanks to Canadians who took the issue seriously and got vaccinated. She added that Canada has reached the point where they can safely remove the sanitary requirements at the border. But, they anticipate Covid-19 and other respiratory viruses to continue to spread during the cold months, which is why the Health Minister has encouraged everyone to stay updated with their Covid-19 vaccination, and booster doses and be conscious of their health.

Arrive Can App To Become Non-Mandatory

The Arrive Can app will soon become non-mandatory for travellers coming from overseas. Travellers will no longer be required to upload their proof of vaccination and travel plans onto the app to present to Canada Border Services Agency agents.

No Conditions For Domestic Travelling

This notification was expected due to the current worldwide approach to the COVID-19 pandemic. Covid-19 cases have been declining as more people are being vaccinated and the virus is becoming more endemic, like the common flu or cold.

Canada has already discontinued the requirements for vaccination for domestic and international travel since June of this year. The government officials had stated that the discontinuation of vaccination requirements was a result of the better public health situation, with 90% of Canadians already vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus.

If we look at the situation globally, since the beginning of the pandemic, there have been more than 612 million recorded cases of COVID-19 and more than six million deaths. The reason behind such higher numbers is likely that many people do not get tested or vaccinated against the virus.

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