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New Changes To Expect In UK Immigration for UK Dependents and Students In UK!

UK’s Home Secretary Exit And What We Should Expect In Uk Immigration.

In today’s blog update, we will be talking about the sacking of Suella Braverman which could possibly mean an end to the uncertainty regarding the UK’s immigration policy, including the dependent visa scheme and International Students’ work restrictions.  We will also explore what this may have meant for people affected by such harsh rules.


This blog discusses the following:

  • Changes in Dependent Visas
  • Changes in International Students’ Work Permits
  • Moderate Immigration Approach by Braverman
  • Legal Pathways to Immigration:
  • Rwanda Deportation Plan Review
  • Pragmatic Approach to Undocumented Immigration

Key points:

Dependent Visas: Braverman expressed doubts over the many dependents given visas, arguing that they were stretching public services. However, the new Home Secretary Cleverly is yet to say what he intends to do with them. Speculations exist about whether Cleverly may take a more lenient stance that might be similar to Braverman’s or retain the current curb.

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International Students’ Work Permits: Braverman criticized the policy on the allowance of international students to work while studying in the UK which increased unskilled labor supply and pressure on the British job market. Cleverly position has yet to be identified, but he is regarded as a moderator compared to Braverman which may mean flexibility.

Let’s further dive into the new Home Secretary’s involvement in the decisions about dependent visas and work permits. But remember, these problems are intricate and political, thus, any changes would be resisted.

Moderate Immigration Approach: During the time Braverman served as secretary of state, her views were restrictive on immigration, advocating for tougher measures at the borders and less immigration. Her leaving, in turn, may bring a less severe method involving laws and procedures relating to immigration, integration, and harmonization in the community.

Legal Pathways to Immigration: The UK’s current system is highly dependent on temporary work visas that tend to make it difficult for many to settle permanently or reunite with their families. Legal ways to permanent residency and family reunification may be facilitated by a possible policy shift.

Rwanda Deportation Plan Review: One of Braverman’s controversial policies included the Rwandan deportation plan that entailed sending migrants to Rwanda for screening. However, a change may take place under the new Home Secretary as this plan was considered inhumane and impractical and denied by the courts in the UK.

Pragmatic Approach to Undocumented Immigration: There are numerous cases of undocumented individuals in the UK, most of whom are subjected to unfair labor practices and deportation. Another more pragmatic approach could involve offering normalization ways for those who stayed here for years already, making contributions toward social life.

Please keep in mind that it is still too early to tell if the rules of dependent visas and international student work permits will be changed after Braverman’s dismissal. We will closely monitor the next Home Secretary’s decisions and bring you the latest updates available.

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