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Key Changes to UK Immigration Rules (Appendix) for Children What You Need to Know

Proposed changes to children in UK Immigration Rules (Appendix).

A new Appendix Children added UK Immigration Rules are aimed to ensure fairness with child concerns in immigration issues. With this, the intent of the appendix is to promote coherence and uniformity in the involvement of child-related matters in the course of migration processes.


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Key Features of Appendix Children

Unified Requirements: Appendix integrates the demands for child applicants being dependent on a main applicant; and the independent ones.

Focus on the Child’s Best Interests: In particular, it stresses that reasonable consideration should be taken on the child’s age, degree of independence, needs for care, and the relationship between the child and his/her parent/guardian.

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Parental Consent: In case of applying for entry clearance or permission to stay in the UK independently, standard parental consent is required for children.

Implementation Date: Appendix Children became operational on 5th Oct 2023 and is being rolled out across some of the immigration routes scheduled in the same direction.

These rules on dealing with children’s matters in the UK are an indication of the consideration of the welfare of children who are refugees or asylum seekers when entering the country.

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