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Home Office Scandal: Worker Arrested for Selling UK Residency

In today’s blog update, we’ll tell you about a Home Office worker who was arrested after ‘trying to sell UK residency for £2,000 to asylum seeker’.


A Home Office case worker has been arrested under serious allegations of attempting to sell UK residency to an asylum seeker for £2,000. This arrest highlights potential vulnerabilities in the asylum application process and raises questions about the integrity of those tasked with handling such sensitive matters.

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Details of the Incident

The accused, a Home Office employee positioned as an asylum decision-maker in Northern England, reportedly targeted a vulnerable asylum seeker from Northern Ireland. Identified only as Renas, the seeker was allegedly approached with an offer to secure his refugee status in exchange for money. Renas described receiving a threatening call suggesting that without payment, his application would almost certainly be denied, with the worker claiming, “95 per cent of people like you” face rejection.

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Response and Investigation

Upon discovery of the allegations, the Home Office swiftly suspended the accused employee and involved the Lancashire Constabulary. The police have since confirmed the arrest of the man on multiple charges, including misconduct in public office and bribery. The investigation, still in its early stages, involves both local authorities and Home Office partners.

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Home Office Statement and Standards

The Home Office has reiterated its commitment to maintaining high standards within its staff. A spokesman emphasized that all asylum claims must be considered with utmost care to ensure sound decisions and appropriate protection for genuine refugees. This incident, now under a thorough police investigation, underlines the importance of transparency and accountability within public service roles.


This case continues to develop as more information becomes available through official investigations.

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