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UK Alert Big Increase in UK Visa Fee & Immigration Health Surcharge From January 2024 UK News

UK Increases Immigration Health Surcharge From January 2024

Another day, Another change in UK Immigration as UK Increases Immigration Health Surcharge From January 2024.

Did you know that, UK has announced a substantial increase in the IHS, planned to be implemented from January 2024. This change, presently in motion through parliamentary legislation, will be initiated from 16 January, 2024; or 21 days following parliamentary approval, whichever date falls later.


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Impact on Individuals and Families

The Immigration Health surcharge, which is obligatory for most visa applicants seeking entry or stay in the UK, will observe a significant hike. The present IHS fee of £624 per annum will jump to £1,035. This change obligates individuals to plan for a higher upfront cost when applying for UK visas.

Special IHS Considerations for Students and Minors

Please keep in mind that for students and individuals under the age of 18, the financial impact is also noteworthy. The annual HIS Fee will increase from £470 to £776. This rise underlines the UK’s move to regulate the health surcharge to more precisely reflect the costs of NHS usage.

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Strategic Advice for Employers

In light of these events, a prominent law firm has advised employers to expedite upcoming applications before the enforcement of the new IHS Fee; to avoid the amplified fees. Moreover, they suggest that employers consider applying for the maximum sponsorship, duration permitted. The firm also remarks that applications for global business mobility and skilled worker visas can be applied up to three months in advance of the planned start date.

This looming increase in the IHS is a vital concern for potential immigrants and employers alike, as it signifies a significant financial amendment for those individuals planning to live, work, or study in the United Kingdom.

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