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Canada Immigration Good News IRCC Removes Language Test Requirement in Non Express Entry PNP

Canada Removes IELTS Requirements For Non-Express Applicants

Did you know, Canada has updated its IELTS Requirements for Non-Express Entry Applicants? We highly suggest you watch the full video so you don’t miss any updates.


Canada is streamlining its immigration process for skilled workers and students globally by dropping the IELTS requirement for non-Express Entry Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) applicants. This change allows these applicants to apply without demonstrating English language proficiency, marking a significant policy shift.

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Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Entry

The PNP enables Canadian provinces to influence immigration policies directly by nominating individuals who wish to live and work in Canada, either through a non-express or express entry pathway.


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Implications for PNP and Express Entry Applicants

Previously, all PNP candidates had to undergo language testing. However, the new guidelines exempt non-Express Entry PNP candidates from this requirement. It’s important to note, though, that Express Entry applicants must still meet the language proficiency requirements to avoid application rejection.

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Language Testing for Express Entry

For those applying through the Express Entry system, valid language test results are mandatory. Accepted tests include the IELTS General Training, CELPIP-General, PTE Core, and French proficiency tests TEF Canada and TCF Canada.

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Benefits of the New Policy

This modification simplifies the immigration process, potentially facilitating a smoother integration of skilled immigrants into Canadian society. It’s advisable for all prospective immigrants to stay informed about the latest Canadian immigration policies and language requirements to enhance their chances of successful immigration.


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