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Breaking News UK to Double Skilled Worker Visas in Next 5 Years Major Shift in Immigration Policy

UK Expects Skilled Worker Visas To Double in Five Years

The Home Office recently showed an estimated increase in the number of foreign worker visas in the coming five years. This highlights the UK’s dependency on skilled immigrants in sectors that are encountering labor shortages. The rise of net migration and skilled migration has been coinciding, leading to a debate on how the visa system is impacting wage structures and local employment.


Predictions For Skilled Worker Visas

According to internally calculated estimates, the UK is set to encounter a double rise in foreign worker visas. These visas will essentially focus on filling roles in shortage occupations such as social care. It is predicted that “in-country” SKilled Worker visas will rise from 204,000 in 2023/24 to a whopping 584,000 in 2028/29.

Furthermore, approximately 200,000 skilled worker visas will be provided to new entrants, while maintaining a compatible trend from 2023/24. The annual overall score of foreign skilled workers is estimated to reach 784,000 by 2028/29.

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Conservative Backbenchers Concerned

The revealed projections have brought about concerns among Conservative backbenchers. They are recommending taking initiatives in order to keep net migration in check, as it has risen to a record of 606,000 last year. This attempt at reducing net migration is in line with the prior commitments of the party, highlighting the rising disagreement over visa policies.

New Proposed Measures From The Home Office

An increase in the salary threshold for foreign skilled workers is proposed by the Home Office ministers, Suella Braverman and Robert Jenrick. They propose an increment of up to £34,500 so that lower-paid jobs can be reserved for local workers. This, in turn, would encourage employers to financially invest in training. There have been discussions taking place for the reduction of the number of foreign care workers and implementing stricter restrictions on migrants planning to bring their family members to the UK.

The Impact on Local Employment

Critics have been arguing that an unmonitored increase in the number of skilled worker visas could discourage employers from investing in training and technology. This could contribute to an ongoing dependency on foreign labor.

This situation makes it compulsory to bring about a balanced approach in order to make sure that immigration policies support and strengthen the economy of the UK while at the same time protecting the resident workers’ interests.

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