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TOTAL Disaster Sunak Fires Home Secretary Suella Braverman More Bad News for UK Asylum Seekers!

UK planning to deport failed asylum seekers to Iraq

As reported, the UK is set to send back some of the asylum seekers who failed in their applications for a second time to Iraq.

Immigration Measures in the UK:

The UK government is said to be planning to declare Iraq as an “asylum country.” Failed asylum-seekers will be deported back to Iraq. This is part of the speedy removal process for those who are arriving in the UK, especially on a small boat, but were denied asylum. The UK may add Iraq to the list of countries that automatically send back failed asylum seekers together with Turkey and Egypt.


Channel Crossings are being restricted.

There are more stringent measures from the government to stem illegal Channel crossings. However, the company plans to make Rwanda a deportation destination but this bid is likely to encounter legal hurdles and fail.

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Supreme Court Policy Decision in Rwanda

The United Kingdom Supreme Court will determine if deportation of asylum seekers who entered the UK in an illegal way is permissible. This policy is also politically unacceptable. The consequences can be severe, including Suella Braverman resigning as a Home Secretary.

Rwanda’s Future Judgment

Rwanda’s judgment from the European Court of Human Rights is being held up at present. The UK government’s plan of deportation to Rwanda may begin in early 2024.

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