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UK Launches New Online Immigration

UK Launches New Online Visa Status (Evisa) Instead of BRP.

Did you know that, since October 30, 2023, UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) has completely transformed the immigration scenario from a hardcopy document to eVisa. The good news is that, such modernization will make the immigration process faster while improving document control.


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Seamless Immigration with eVisas

This means having a safer, and easier immigration process through eVisas. With its introduction, millions have benefited from it accentuating the UK government’s pledge towards technological improvement and innovation.

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Navigating the New Era: Your UKVI Account

Please keep in mind that, it is mandatory to create a UKVI account; it is now an essential requirement in order to check, manage, and transfer your visa details. This service is free of cost and will be an important step in keeping the latest personal information and immigration data handy for smooth entry into the UK.

eVisas and Beyond: The Future of Immigration

The change of this effective from late 2023 simplifies the proof of a right to stay or work in the UK. It is seen as a vital breakthrough in the digital world as it will make physical passports and other immigration documents obsolete.

Please visit GOV.UK for a guide to the UK’s eVisa system.

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