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New Changes Announced for the UK Health Care Visa 2023 24

New Visa Rules For The UK Care Sector

The care sector in the UK has been a remarkable beneficiary of the health and care worker visa route. In the previous year, 30,000 Indian nationals had migrated to the UK to work as care workers, and more than half of them brought their dependents with them. These dependent visas allow people to live with their families – something that many find to be a fundamental and radical human right.


It is important to note that the latest reports show that the UK’s Home Office is planning to prevent foreign care workers from bringing their dependents to the country due to the fact that they have limited qualifications. This step is viewed as a reaction to the misuse of visa routes. This move could greatly impact hundreds of thousands of Indian nationals, especially those who are presently in the UK and those who plan to apply for a UK visa.

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With more than 150,000 vacancies at hand, the UK’s care sector is already facing challenges. So at this point, if visa rules are restricted, then this would pressure the sector, which in turn would lead to positions not being filled and the quality of care being compromised. The visa rule alteration would not only badly affect individuals, but it could also draw inferences and negatively impact one of the UK’s most influential sectors.

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