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New Changes from 20 November 2023 in UK's Nationality and Borders Act Sections

New Provisions Introduced in Nationality and Borders Act 2022

The Nationality and Borders Act 2022 will witness some changes as of November 20, 2023. A commencement order has already been made, implying the upcoming changes. In this blog, we’ll be going through what these changes are.


Notice Requirements For Removals

Parts of Section 46 that relate to removals and their notice requirements will be enforced. This does not pertain to the introduction of the priority removal notices, which remain not enforced in sections 20 and 25, respectively.

The changes that will be brought forth will legislate the process of the removal notice that had been available only in guidance in the previous stages. The core of Section 46 is to make sure that individuals possess a statutory minimum period that would aid them in accessing justice prior to their removal. This will include providing written notices about the intention of removal and departure details.

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New Scientific Age Assessments

Section 52 will also enforce the use of scientific methods in order to assess ages. Moreover, it’s vital to understand and keep in mind that most of the parts of the Nationality and Borders Act of 2022 still require activation. The UK government has also shown interest in proceeding with non-therapeutic tests on children.

However, it’s vital to know that most of the Nationality and Borders Act 2022 remains unactivated.

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