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Why UK Visa Application Fees Are Rising Rishi Sunak Announces Changes

Why UK Visa Application Fees Are Rising Rishi Sunak Announces Changes

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has unveiled a significant increase in UK visa application fees, along with a substantial rise in the immigration health surcharge. These changes aim to generate funds for public spending, particularly to support recent public sector wage increases.

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Why Are Fees Rising?

In a recent speech, Sunak linked the fee hike to funding wage increases for public sector workers. Teachers will receive a 6.5% pay rise, junior doctors will get a 6% increase, and police officers a 7% boost. Sunak clarified that these pay rises are the final offer, with no further negotiations expected.

“These fees will raise over a billion pounds,” Sunak stated, noting that the immigration health surcharge would also increase.

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Current UK Visa Fees

Visa fees vary depending on the visa type, duration, purpose, and industry. The immigration health surcharge has seen steady increases since its introduction in 2015:

  • Originally £200 per application
  • Raised to £400 in 2018
  • Increased to £624 in 2020 (per adult) and £470 for children/students

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New Fee Structure

The government announced that:

  • Work Visa Fees: Will increase by 15%
  • Other Visa Fees: Will rise by a minimum of 20%
  • Immigration Health Surcharge: Now costs £1,035 per person annually, with a discounted rate of £776 for children and students.

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