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UK Health Care Visa 20 Hour Work Limit is Back 1

UK Health & Care Visa: 20-Hour Work Limit is Back!

Today’s blog is especially for healthcare professionals in the UK and those planning to apply for a UK Health and Care visa. So keep reading.


You might already know that staffing issues in the UK health and social care sectors have created many challenges.


The UK government has come up with a few strategies to overcome this.


One of the strategies includes letting off the 20-hour cap on supplementary work for Health and Care visa holders.


This step was taken to offer flexibility within the workforce. But, the point to be noted is that by 27 August 2023, this exemption will discontinue.


What is The Health and Care Visa?


This visa is basically a subset of the Skilled Worker visa. It offers a simple route for qualified healthcare professionals, including doctors and nurses, to come and work in the UK.

Criteria for the Health & Care Visa


  • A Valid job offer in an eligible health or care profession
  • Meet the salary threshold
  • Hold a valid certificate of sponsorship from the employer


How Will The End of This Exemption Affect Employers and Professionals?


Simply put, visa holders got to work extra hours during the temporary lift of the 20-hour limit.


This in turn, helped them to earn more while making a significant contribution to the health and care sectors of the UK.


Unfortunately, with the exemption ending in August, these professionals would have fewer working hours and less income.

This exemption also benefitted the employers, as they got a flexible workforce. But now, they must make sure that they follow strong Right to Work systems to avoid any possible penalties.


Now, the future of the exemption for the 20-hour limit is unclear. However, the UK government’s decision will depend on the staffing situation that would affect these sectors.


Considering the current shortage of workers, we could stay hopeful for an extended exemption.

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