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UK Standard Visitor Visa How Long Can I Stay UK visitor visa 180 days

180 Day Rule not applicable to UK Visit Visa Holders!

Hi and welcome back to our blog. In today’s blog update we’ll be taking a look the myth that revolves around UK Visitor Visa. So stay tuned and read the full blog so you don’t get confused with the misinformation revolving around the internet.

Contrary to widespread belief, there is no law mentioning that visitors to the UK can only stay for utmost 180 days in a calendar year. This falsehood, often spread by immigrants, solicitors, and even UK Border Force staff, has been exposed.

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Understanding the Myth

The commonly embraced belief is that a UK visit visa holders stay in the UK for over six months out of any 12 months, or no more than 180 days in a calendar year. But then again, there is no such rule or obligation.


Unveiling the Reality

The authentic law mentions that if you are granted leave to enter the UK for six months, you can legally reside in the UK that full six months. And if you are permitted a leave to enter the UK for another six months, you can stay in the UK for a further six months. For more clarification we highly suggest you to read the guidelines here.

Guidelines for UK Visit Visa

Please keep in mind that the UK visit rules are defined in Appendix V to the Immigration Rules. A visitor is described as a person who desires to visit the UK for a provisional or brief period, generally for up to 6 months, for purposes for example tourism, visiting friends or family, carrying out a business activity, or commencing a short course of study.


UK Visitor Visa Entry Requirements

It should be noted that the applicant must persuade the decision maker that they are a genuine visitor, which denotes that the applicant will leave the UK when their visitor visa ends, will not reside in the UK for prolonged periods through frequent or consecutive visits, or make the UK their main home, and is sincerely looking for entry or stay for a purpose that is allowed under the UK Visitor route.

Final Thoughts

Though there is no hard limit on time in vs time out, residing in the UK for a prolonged period does raise the jeopardy of being denied a UK visit visa for the next visit, as it may be a sign that the stay is not a legitimate visit. For that reason, it’s still favourable to follow the mythical 180-day rule.


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