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UK to launch another Easy work visa Policy UK Work Visa August 2023 Updates

UK To Launch Another Easy Work Visa Policy

In today’s video update, we we’ll be taking a look at UK’s likeliness to ease visa rules for migrants under Free Trade Agreement.


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New Chapter in Trade Relations via UK-India Visa Evolution


The UK and India are on the brink of reforming their bilateral ties, with potential adjustments to visa rules especially for Indian professionals under the Free Trade Agreement (FTA). While the dialogues have been in progress, the UK’s historical stance on immigration, affected in part by Brexit, has made the topic diplomatically complex.



Latest gossips suggest that the Government of United Kingdom is receptive to certain changes in visa rules for skilled Indian workers. This development comes against the backdrop of Brexit, which was partially driven by immigration matters. As the two nations discuss their FTA, there’s a likelihood of amendments in working visa rules for Indian professionals.


On the other hand, it’s important to emphasize that the UK has not made noteworthy modifications to its visa and immigration rules as part of the FTA dialogues with India. The subtleties of immigration, trade, and political compassions will play an essential role in modelling the future of UK-India relations under the FTA.


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