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May 1, 2023

UK Government Introduces A Biometric Immigration App

Entrust has finalized a contract with the UK’s Home Office for two years to provide a biometric immigration solution.



The solution scans the passport of an end-user embedded with a chip through a mobile app while being linked with the online application processes of the Home Office. Plus, it prompts the user to take a photo of their face to compare it with the biometric data obtained from their passport’s chip. The solution also uses ‘Live’ detection to confirm the presence of the end user.



Interestingly, the Generic Identity and Document Verification (GIDV) solution complements the current Identity Verification as a Service solution, also provided by Entrust since 2019. Now Entrust claims the new solution will promote the pending UK Electronic Travel Authorization Scheme, which is set to start in late 2023 and could be availed of by 30 million travellers every year. According to the contract, there are options to extend the project for two extra years.

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