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Problems with bank checks drive student visa refusals

Main Reason Behind Massive Student Visa Refusals Revealed

Applicants belonging to countries that do not have differentiation agreements with the UK find it challenging to prove their capability to support their education financially.


That’s right; international students interested in pursuing education in the UK often find it hard to prove they have sufficient finances to support themselves. Needless to say, this is one of the primary reasons behind the growing number of student visa refusals.



Immigration experts believe that the real problem starts as the Home Office goes on to check with international banks in countries like Nigeria and India, where overseas students are required to show they have enough money.

Don’t forget such requirements are not for applicants from countries that have a differentiation agreement with the UK, such as the US and Australia. Plus, British nationals living overseas don’t face such challenges.

Reports of student visa data confirm 53% of student visa applications between 2020 and 2022 were from countries that do not have a differentiation agreement with the UK. However, those applications made up 95% of all refusals.

Moreover, 2.5% of applications from countries whose citizens have to go through additional checks were refused, which is pretty low compared to 0.1% of refusals belonging to nations that do not face such restrictions.

Interestingly, the UK receives the majority of student visa applications from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, China, and Nigeria, out of which China is the only country that has a differentiation agreement with the UK.

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