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Breaking Borders New Crackdown By UK Turkey Taskforce

UK and Turkey Join Forces to Combat Irregular UK Migration

In today’s blog update, we’ll be talking about collaboration between the UK and Turkey to Fight Against Unusual Migration.


Did you know that the United Kingdom has initiated a new partnership with Turkey, planning to enhance cooperation in confronting the issue of irregular migration. This partnership is a vital step in the UK’s continuing efforts to lessen illegal migration, a matter of key political apprehension.

Establishing a Centre of Excellence

A key integral part of this agreement is the formation of a new operational “centre of excellence” by the Turkish National Police. This UK-supported centre will focus on interrupting criminal networks that arrange illegal and unlawful journeys to the UK, elevating proficiency in both nations.

Deploying More Officers

In other turn of events, the UK will also raise its presence in Turkey by positioning more officers. Their primary goal will be to interrupt the lawbreaker gangs that run the illegal migration routes, further consolidating the partnership between the UK and Turkey.


Suella Braverman, the British Home Secretary emphasized that this new plan represents a united front between Turkey and the UK and it will also be a central point at the forthcoming UK-Turkey Migration Dialogue meeting in London. It signifies a concerted effort to tackle a compound and unrelenting global problem.


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