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Breaking News UK Unleashes Task Force to Tackle Immigration Solicitors and Advisors 1

New Task Force Announced: UK Government Targets Immigration Fraud

Recently, The Government of UK has confirmed the formation of a new task force to target “dishonest and corrupt” immigration lawyers in the UK.


This action comes after reports of solicitors recommending illegal techniques to stay in the UK, such as:


  • Sham Marriages
  • Overstaying Visas
  • Entering with False Documents
  • Abusing Asylum System
  • Or Using Fraudulent Sponsors etc.


Professional Enablers Task Force


Named the Professional Enablers Task Force, this project will join regulatory bodies, law enforcement, and other departments in the UK Government to impeach immigration lawyers who persuade or assist with false claims.


Suella Braverman the UK Home Secretary highlighted that while most lawyers act with honesty, those who lie to help illegal migrants will be brought to justice.

Criticism and Legal Implications


The task force’s creation was criticized by the Law Society of England and Wales, claiming that the focus on a small minority of lawyers should not divert from significant build-ups in asylum claims or the challenges of the Illegal Migration Act.


Under the Immigration Act 1971, Section 25, those individuals found guilty of helping illegal immigration to the UK can face a sentence of up to life imprisonment.




The Government of UK’s conclusive action against immigration fraud reflects a rising concern over the truthfulness of the UK immigration system.


While the majority of lawyers carry on to upkeep the rule of law, this task force intends to make sure that those who don’t are held responsible.


The debate over the efficacy and emphasis of this plan is likely to carry on, underlining the complex challenges of UK immigration law enforcement.


Have you ever been a victim of a solicitor’s shady advice?  If you’ve been there and want to help others avoid the same trap, drop a comment below. Share your story, and let’s make sure no one else falls for their bad practices!


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