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August 7, 2023

UK Immigration Update for August Week 2

According to the latest information accessible on UK immigration news, there are many changes and debates on the UK’s immigration rules and regulations and treatment of migrant workers and asylum seekers in the UK.





Labour Party’s Plan for Temporary Housing of Refugees:


Labour party’s immigration minister has stated that, if elected, they would carry on with the UK government’s idea to provide temporarily shelter to refugees on ships and boats offshore. Surprisingly this proposal has initiated discussions and debates about the efficiency and morals of such method.


Business Groups’ Opposition to Visa Fee Increase:


UK businesses are requesting Chancellor Rishi Sunak to reassess an arranged upsurge in visa fees for skilled migrant workers. These business groups claim that elevating the charges would have harmful after-effects and could damage UK’s economy.



Partnership to Combat Illegal Migration:


The government of UK has established a partnership with social media companies to tackle the issue of illegal migration via small boats. This partnership has been met with disagreement and political debates on the best approach to handle migration problems in the UK.


Law Firms’ Demand for Higher Pay in Asylum Cases:


Law firms managing a noteworthy share of all legal aid immigration and asylum work in the UK have warned to put a hold on their services if there isn’t a higher pay deal on the table. This brings another ongoing discussions about subsidizing and provision for asylum seekers’ legal representation.

Launch of OISC Online Portal:


The Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner (OISC) has launched an online portal to assist several needs related to UK immigration. This portal is to enhance competence and convenience for those looking for UK immigration advice.


Please keep in mind that the information in this video update is based on the most recent news updates available and may be subject to change as the UK’s immigration policies and news progress.


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