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Best of Canada Work Permit 2023 without LMIA or IELTS Canada Biggest Work Permit Program 2023

Best of Canada Work Permit 2023 without LMIA or IELTS | Canada Biggest Work Permit Program 2023

The Best Work Permit Program For Canadian Immigration in 2023

The opening of the International Experience Canada or IEC work permit program for 2023 was announced by Canada.

The candidates in the pool are already receiving invitations to apply, as Canada seems keen on welcoming 90,000 young migrants through the IEC program in 2023.

Canada announced the expansion of the program, hoping that it would solve labor shortages to a great extent.

While announcing the opening of IEC 2023 on 9 January, the Immigration Minister added that the government favors young migrants from all over the world to come to Canada for work. This will ultimately prove beneficial for employers in finding the required workers.

The Immigration Minister further said that allowing international youth to travel to Canada and gather work experience is mutually beneficial for all parties involved. It strengthens Canada’s economy and gives migrants an opportunity to travel and work internationally.

Young migrants from 36 countries between the ages of 18 and 35 are qualified to travel to Canada for work for two years under this program. The IEC pools start in December and close in the fall.

The IEC program has the following three categories applicants can choose from;

1. Working Holiday

This category is for those candidates who want to pay for their vacation in Canada through temporary employment.

This category is for those candidates who do not have an employment offer. Plus, candidates who are interested in working for more than one employer can also go for this category. If you want to earn money to travel and work in multiple locations, the Working Holiday category is a feasible option.

What’s important to note here is that Working Holiday applicants are granted an open work permit upon approval.

2. International Co-Op (Internship)

This category is for applicants interested in working abroad to gain experience in their selected field of study.

You are a suitable candidate for this category if;

● You have an employment or internship offer in Canada.
● You are registered as a student at a post-secondary institute.
● You are going to keep working at the same place while in Canada.
● You need an internship or a job in order to finish your studies.

It should be noted that candidates under the International Co-op category are granted an employer-specific work permit, and the internship is related to their field of study.

Every province or territory has different labor laws to determine wages. Whether a candidate’s internship is paid or unpaid is determined by the law.

3. Young Professionals

The Young Professionals category is for individuals interested in finding professional work in Canada.

Candidates who have a job offer in Canada that will help them learn more about their profession are suitable for this category. Candidates under the category need to work in the same place, and it will be a paid job. Self-employment does not come under this category.

Applicants of the Young Professionals category are granted an employer-specific work permit.

The job requirements state that the employer has to fulfill all labor laws specific to their territory or province, such as minimum wage. Plus, the employment offer needs to be categorized as National Occupational Classification (NOC) 0, A, or B. If you can provide a post-secondary diploma, degree, or certificate while submitting your work permit application, you may be accepted for a NOC C job. Make sure to translate your diploma, degree, or certificate into French or English.

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